7-Zip is a tool that basically serves us for compression and decompression of files. This is a tool very similar to WinRar or WinZip, with the main difference that it is completely free with all your options and for all the time you require.

However, like most of the tools, this also has some options that surely many of the users that use it don’t know about. 7-Zip gives you everything you need for other tools in one. We have brought a selection of functions that you probably don’t know, these will help you solve all your problems with a file.

Functions that you probably don’t know about 7-Zip

These functions that we will show you below are available in all versions of 7-Zip and will allow you to make any modification to your file.

– View the inside of an executable or a disk image

7 Zip is able to open almost any compressed file, in any format and this includes executables. Although the content is usually not very easy to see, because the vast majority of these files are code, but if you look through the folders you can find some manuals, help documents, icons or images, you just need a little practice to know what what are you looking for.

To access the inside of an executable you must follow these steps:

1-. You should start by opening the tool on your computer. If you have not installed it yet, we recommend that you do it from the official website.

7 zip

2-. Then you must look for the folder you want to see, you must right click on the mouse and this will open a sub-menu. Once there you must select the Open Inside option or the combination of letters CTRL + PgDwn.

7 zip

7 zip

– To test the performance of your computer

7z will also help you test the performance of your computer. You will find in the Tools section the test option or benchmark, this has the main function to know at what speed it is able to compress and decompress a file. This indirectly will give you an idea of ??the performance of the equipment as such.

7 zip

– Obtain the check sum (CRC) of any file

One of the most unknown functions of the 7-Zip tool is that it gives us the opportunity to know the CRC, SHA-1 and SHA-256 code of any of our files that are in our computer. These numbers are very useful if you share files over the Internet and you want to see that they have been properly downloaded and that there is not a corrupt byte.

7 zip

– Add comments to files

To finish with the functions that you may not know about 7 Zip, this is a tool that gives you the possibility to comment on the files, this is something that by default you can’t achieve with the Windows File Explorer.

From the tool 7-Zip you can see the comments already created and not visible with another browser and CTRL + Z opened a window for you to add comments that you can edit later to it.

7 zip

These are the functions unknown to many people of the 7-Zip tool, with a little practice and following our recommendations, you can achieve any of them. Remember that this is also an excellent tool for file compression and decompression, all you have to do is see the tutorials that we have left on our web side so you know what are the steps to achieve any of your tasks with this application.

In addition, one of the functions offered by 7-Zip is the ability to unify and split the large compressed files to send them by email or upload them to a web page or the cloud.

You should bear in mind that none of the processes performed by 7-Zip are completely permanent, because this tool will always keep the original of the file, this means that basically it will create a copy of the file, compressed or unzipped, in the location that you have previously chosen. For the process, this will allow you to have total control of your files and the content of it, you can also protect them with a password to prevent other people from knowing the content of your archives.