As you probably already know very well, 7 Zip is an excellent application for compression and decompression of files, this is even at the same level as tools like WinZip and WinRar that fulfill the same function with the difference that 7-Zip is completely free in all the options it offers.

This time, we want to talk to you about a use that not many people know can be achieved with this tool and that is very important for sending large files such as movies or a program, we are talking about split files.

Splitting a large file like the ones mentioned above, in smaller ones, is very useful for you to send by email, you can upload them to a free web page or save them on a pendrive without too many problems. Not always when we compress a file we reduce its size enough to be able to do all the actions listed above.

How to split files with 7-Zip

Before starting we must remind you that this is a tool that you should download, preferably from the official website of the service, and that we must install on our computer, this is a tool that doesn’t require too much space on your computer and that you can install without many problems in any language you want.

Now let’s start with the split files with 7-Zip

1-. The first thing you should do is open the program on our computer. If you have not executed it yet, you must open the folder that contains it and do it.


2-. Once this is done and inside the tool as such, you should look for the file that we want to start.


3-. Once we have located it you will have to select the file that we want to leave, click on it once and then in the toolbar you will have to press on the option of “Add”, this is represented by a sing + of green color.


4-. Once we press the “Add” button, it will show us a window where it will indicate the name that we want to assign to the partitions and the place where we want to create the compressed copy of this file.


If we want to vary the folder, you must open the browser, this you will do by clicking on the three points that we see at the end of the bar where we see the location of the file.


To split the file into several pieces, you must go to the end of the window just in the section that tells us to Split to Volumes, Bytes. Once located, you must display the arrow and if any of the predefined options serve us we must choose it, otherwise, write the size that we want each of the pieces of our file.


Once we have set the value we want, we must click on the OK button and the process will begin.

5-. When we press the OK button, the compression process will begin and at the same time the file will be split in the size indicated in the SPLIT section. We must wait for the process to finish, keep in mind that this is a process that may take time depending on the weight of the partitions and the file in general.


6- Once the process is finished, we can go to the folder where we have indicated the tool that will keep the partitions of our file, there you can see that next to the original file, we have two new files, these will have the same name, but they will be different with a number at the end, these are the files that we have split.

Once checked that the files are in perfect condition, if you think you will not need the original file anymore, you can remove it from the computer in its entirety and in this way save a little memory space.

And done, it’s that simple to split a heavy file with 7-Zip, remember that this isn’t only excellent to save a little space, but now you can send it to whoever you want without any problem. Keep in mind that you can place a password protection to the files you are splitting, this will give you the assurance that not anyone can see the content of them.