7-Zip is an excellent tool for compression and decompression of files, often compared to WinZip or WinRar, but the main benefit of 7Zip is that it is a completely free tool that provides very good options for users.

This time we want to describe step by step how you can unify the divided files with 7-Zip. Splitting a large file, such as a movie or a program, into smaller pieces is very useful to be able to send it by email and upload them to a cloud service web site, burn them to a CD, DVD or flash drive, this is very useful because not always with compressing it we can reduce its size enough to make the aforementioned options.

Before starting we must remind you that to unify the divided files you will have to install the program on your computer and you must download it from the official web site of the tool so that you are completely sure that this is the best version of the program.

How to unify split files with 7-Zip

1-. The first thing you should do is open the program, if it’s in a folder and you have not executed it yet, you should do it.


2-. Once you have opened the program you should look at the computer and locate the place where the files that are divided and that we want to join are located. We must bear in mind that all the pieces of the file must be in the same folder, otherwise unification can not be done.


3-. We must select the file that among those we want to unify have the lowest number, then we must click on it once more and you must select in the tool bar the icon of the same and you must press “Extract“.


4-. By doing this action we will open a window where we will be indicated the name that we will assign to the unification. Normally you are left with the same name you already have and we can also choose the location of our computer where the file will be created and complete and joined after completing the process.


In case you want to change the location, you must open the tool’s browser, this is achieved by clicking on the three points that we see at the end of the bar where the file location is indicated, once you press it you can select the location that you want to save it.


Once you are satisfied with the name of the file and the location where you will find it on your computer, you must press OK.


5-. A window that will open after pressing OK will show us the process of extracting the files, as is logical, the more pieces there are and the larger the size of them, the longer the conversion will take. We must let the tool finish the process taking care that the equipment does not turn off or that we press cancel by mistake.

6-. Once the process is finished, we will see a new folder with the name of the file that we have assigned, if we enter it, we will find our file perfectly united and that can be opened perfectly with the program that we have thought for it.

In addition, you will keep the files archived, in case you wish to share them on the web. In case you are not going to use them again, once you have verified that the unification went perfectly, you will be able to eliminate them from the computer and save a little memory and space in it.

As you can see, 7-Zip is a very versatile tool that gives us options that other tools ask us to pay for them, this makes it completely free and without problems of any kind. Our main recommendation is that you follow carefully the steps that we have given you previously, this way you will not have problems with the unification of your files, in the same way once you have finished the process check if the file is well unified. Don’t erase the originals without first doing this.

Pay attention to all the parties you’re unifying, avoiding mistakes so as not to waste time in the process. Remember that this may take a few minutes and you should be patient because it is not a process that can be accelerated.