This time we want to show you how you can unzip a file with 7-Zip. As we have already told you, this is a completely free program that allows us to do the basic compression and decompression of any file that we have in our computer. This tool is able to compress and decompress different formats, which is an excellent help for people who handle heavy files on their computers.

If you use a computer every day, it is possible that at some time you have the need to compress or decompress a file. It may be to reduce the size of a document and with this to send it by email or on the contrary, you must extract the contents of a compressed file that you have downloaded from the internet or that you have received via email.

For this task you can find many programs and it is true that one of the best are WinZip and WinRar, but 7 Zip is positioned as one of the best too, because, in addition to being completely free in all its options, it offers a solution to anything we need to do with the files on our computer.

How to unzip a file with 7-Zip

We start with the most reasonable step, you must download the program on your computer. You can find it on different web pages, but we recommend that you download it from its official website, this way you are sure that it is the latest version and the best version for your computer.

This is a program that is available for all operating systems and also for all versions of computers, so you will have no problem finding the ideal one for you.

The installation of the program is very simple, all you have to do is follow the instructions that will be indicated by the installation assistant and that’s it. Keep in mind that this is a program that offers a wide variety of languages, so we recommend that you choose the one that best suits you.

To start unzipping a file, the first thing you should do is look for the file you want to compress in your computer, it must have the .ZIP or .RAR formats.


Then you must press the right mouse button on the file you want to unzip, this will open a sub-menu where you can see some options of your file. If you have the 7-Zip application installed, it will appear in the options to unzip the file.


Once the 7-Zip option is located in the sub-menu, a second sub-menu will open where it will indicate the options you can do with the 7-Zip tool and the compressed file that you have on your computer and that you want to see what is inside.


You can click on three options that 7-Zip allows you, this is something very particular about the tool, because it will allow you to make the decision of how you want to open the compressed file of your computer. Among the options to choose from, you will find the following:

– Extract files:

This is the option that will allow you to select the folder where the files will be saved, once they have gone through the decompression process.


– Extract here:

In this option we will be able to decompress the file in the same folder where the file is currently, in the case of the download folder, there will be the content that we will unpack if we use this option.


– Extract to:

This option will create a folder with the name of the compressed file and decompress the file in it.


Once you select one of the options, in our case we will select the “extract in” option which will create a folder with the compressed files with the same name as the compressed folder.

You will see that a folder with the same name has been created, only that this time it is not compressed and you will be able to see and use any of the files that are inside it and that’s it. It’s as simple as you can unzip a file with the 7-Zip tool.

Keep in mind that if the file has a password you will probably need to enter it before decompressing the folder, it must be given by the person who sent you the compressed file or the website where you downloaded the file. If you do not have this password, it is likely that you will not be able to decompress the file.