How to compress a file in 7-Zip

7 Zip is a tool whose main function is the compression and decompression of files, like other similar tools such as WinRAR or WinZip does. This time, we will show you how you can compress any file you have on your computer.

Steps to compress a file with 7-Zip

When it comes to a file compression, it’s about the creation of a package, that thanks to a compression algorithm, it is actually based on the reduction of the data to handle, it minimizes the weight or the size of this archive.

To make a file compressed with 7-Zip, first we must do the selection of files or directories that we want to compress, because it’s important to select the corresponding path. With the mouse left button, you need to drag it untill you select all the archives that you want to compress, the selection will make all the files turn blue, then all you have to do is click on the button “ADD” with the plus sing that’s located in the toolbar.


Once we do that, a menu will be opened and there we can form the various parameters on the compression that our file will have.


1-. File: In this option we will indicate the name and location of the compressed file. If we press in “…” it will be possible to determine the location in the graphical way.


2-. File format: In this section the compression format will be resolved, you can choose between 7Z, tar and ZIP. This is then a factor of great importance, according to the format that is used for compression will offer other features.


3-. Compression level: In the compression level of it will determine the compression index that will have the contained files, it will be possible to be chosen in medium out more quickly, a faster, normal, maximum, extreme compression, the higher the compression level of the file, the smaller the file size will be. So it will take up less space, but the time it will take to do the compression will be longer.


4-. Type of compression: This option will determine the algorithm that is used for the compression of the files and will also include the compression ratio of the file.


5-. The size of the dictionary: The dictionary is a very important area of ??memory that is used by the compression algorithm. Increasing the size of the dictionary will increase the compression ratio, delay the same and increase the memory requirements.


6-. The size of the word: This option indicates the size in the pieces of the strings of the characters that will be used by the algorithm so that they do the compression.


7-. The size of the compact block: This option will indicate the size in the pieces of the blocks that will compose the compressed file, while it is larger, the files will be more compressed, but at the same time the greater the risk of corruption.


8-. CPU Thread Numbers: This option will serve to assign to the different threads of the multithreading processors the task of decompression or compression, so that it significantly reduces the time of the task.


9-. Memory Indicators: This option indicates the amount of RAM memory that will be used for both, compression and decompression. The size or type of the compression will depend on some factors like these.


10-. To start in fragments: This option will allow us to divide the file into several parts of a certain size so that we can store it in different media or accommodations, where otherwise, it would not be possible.


11-. Updates: It will allow us to choose among the different ways of a file update in case there is a modification in this.


12-. Options: It will allow us to make the selection of two options that may affect the mechanism of decompression, you can select only one or both.


Once we have chosen all the compression qualities we must press OK to start with the process and once completed, we will find all the compressed files in the location we have selected.


We must consider that the tool comes with the pre-selected options that are indicated for the type of file that we have selected for compression. In any case, if you don’t know which one to choose, our recommendation is to follow the standard options the tool has selected for you and in this way we will avoid any error or loss of our files.

Know the basic interface of 7 Zip

7 Zip is a file compressor that will help to keep all our heavy files in a smaller size. Currently, this type of programs are still very used in the world of computers, even Internet connections are much faster and hard drives have a larger amount of space to archive, compressors and decompression tools continue to be very useful for the transport of the files. It will also allow you to hide it from indiscreet searches with a password.

Along with WinRAR and WinZip, 7-Zip is one of the most popular compressors, with a lot of advantages, because it is totally free, it is compatible with almost all the current formats, it is very simple to use and also works faster and excellent.

7 Zip

7-Zip basic interface

The basic 7-Zip interface is very simple to understand and manage, it has an integrated file scanner that allows us to perform any of the tasks we need, besides fulfilling its basic task of compression and decompression of the files.

  • Zone 1: Toolbar

In zone 1 you will find the toolbar with some options that allow you to perform some functions with your documents.

1-. To add: This is the button that we will see with the green plus sign, this 7z will allow us to create a compressed file with the extension where you will be able to add various files to compress and to visualize the properties of the compression.

7 Zip

2-. To extract: This is the option that we will see with a blue dash, where it will allow us to obtain the original files, before they are compressed, from the compressed file that contains them in the determined location, this is better known as the function of the decompression.

7 Zip

3-. To try: The option to try is the one that is represented with an arrow that looks below clearly blue. With this option we can see the compressed files without the need to decompress them.

7 Zip

4-. To copy: The option to copy is represented with a green arrow, this option will allow us to copy the files or directories selected for the route we have chosen, like any user of Windows does with the usual Copy option.

7 Zip

5-. To move: The option to move is thrown with an arrow of blue color that allows to cut or move the files we have selected towards a chosen route. Very similar to the Windows cut option.

7 Zip

6-. To delete: This is an option that is represented by an X of the red color, this will allow us to send the selected files to the recycling bin.

7 Zip

7-. Information: This is the last element of the taskbar, represented by an “I” of the yellow color. This option will allow us to know the properties that the desired folder has.

7 Zip

  • Zone 2: Scan bar

The 7 Zip scan bar has a function very similar to the scan bar that we can find in Windows computers. In this bar, the route will be indicated in which we were at each moment, to have a clearer notion of the concept of the location where we are.

7 Zip

In here you can see two buttons, use the one on the left side mainly to go to a level that reaches more, this means that with it we can go to the folder that the file or the main directory are contained.

7 Zip

In the case of the right button this will give us different locations by default, such as the unit, head of the desk or my documents, to save a little more time for us when looking for a location.

7 Zip

  • Zone 3: File Explorer

In the file browser, are all the files that exist within a directory or a compressed file, these by default will be in alphabetical sequence. This way of viewing will allow a more detailed look at us approaching a file or a directory indicated to us its size, as well as the date in which it was created, the date of modification, the attributes and comments. Also, it will give us the possibility that we do the selection behavior different basic battles, for example to rename, publish, to open, among others.

7 Zip

Knowing these 7-Zip options will allow us to have better access to all the functions and likewise, make better use of the tool as well.

Where to download 7Zip

The different file compression programs are the most essential to have in our computer, this is mainly because they facilitate the transport or the organization of the files. Some of the most popular are WinZip and WinRAR, but there is an excellent alternative that is also completely free. This is the 7Zip program and we will show you where and how you can download it.

7Zip is a free program for data compression for Windows, DOS and Linux systems. The well-known manager will allow you to compress and unzip the files. This will use the 7z compression format. This will make it reach the compression percentages up to 50% better than the standard ZIP format.

download 7zip

This is achieved without losing quality or speed. The only thing that is lost is the size of the file. Another point of which differs from the rivals in the process of file management. While the classics only allow you to compress ZIP and RAR, the 7Zip tool offers many more formats, among the most common are: ZIP, RAR, CAB, ARJ, TAR, GZIP. This way you can use it with any compressed file that you find.

Easiest way to download 7ZIP

  1. To download this program, you must go to the official website of the service, which is
  2. Once there you will find several links, you should find the option of your OS. Then, you will see the download options of 32 bit x86 and 64 bit x64, you must select the version that your system can support.
  3. If your computer is newer it is possible that the indicated one is 64 bits, otherwise you will have to select 32 bits. Then you must click on the link that says Download to start the download.
  4. Then it will depend on the browser that you are using, it is possible that the advantage of Save As appears. This window will show you a box to select where you want the program to be downloaded into your computer. Select the folder you want and press Save.
  5. Usually, the browser will show you the file that is being downloaded, once the download is complete you will have to click on it, in case it won’t open automatically you should go to the folder where you downloaded the file, to open it you will have to double-click it.
  6. Now you can see the screen where you will start with the installation of the 7Zip program. There you will see a text box where Destination Folder is indicated and next you will see three ellipses. This button is for you to make the selection of the folder where you want the 7zip application to be installed. Once you select the folder, you must click on Install.
  7. In a few seconds, you will see that the installation of the program begins, this is a very light file, so it will not take you long to install it. You will see a progress bar that will be filled progressively, finally you must click on the Close button.

And that’s it! You can have this program on your computer doing this easy seven steps, the best thing is that you can use it in any language, since you have at your disposal more than 80 different languages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 7zip

7zip is a program that is responsible for the compression of the files that offers the best and most effective compression ratio, is developed as an open source which means that it is completely free, most of its source code is under the license GNU LGPL.

You can download this program completely free through its official website of the service, this is an installable software on any computer, even on computers that are for commercial use, it doesn’t require that we register or make any kind of payment.


Main features of 7zip

The main functions of this completely free program will be specified below.

1-. It has the ability to support a large number of compression formats, you can compress and decompress the following formats: BZIP2, 7Z, GZIP, TAR, WIM, XZ and ZIP. And you can only unzip the following: ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR and Z.

2-. This program offers you the highest compression ratio if you use the 7Z format, this is the format that you can use compression algorithms such as LZMA and LZMA2.

3-. It gives you the possibility to configure the application so that the 7Z files can be extracted automatically.

4-. You can use the commands in .BAT files or through a DOS window in Windows.

5-. It has a fully integrated file manager.

6- It offers a protection of the files with a password and has a high security encryption functionality.

7- It has been translated into several languages, about eighty different languages.

This are the main advantages of 7zip

1-. In addition to improving the compression ratio of ZIP and GZIP formats compared to similar programs, 7zip will be able to work with all versions of Windows, from 98 to 8 and has a version for Linux and UNIX.

2-. It is completely free.

3-. You will find a support and help forum that will allow you to consult all the doubts you may have.

4-. It supports a wide variety of formats for compression and decompression of documents or files you need.

The 7Z compression format that is specific to the program also offers several advantages, such as:

1-. The open architecture with a high compression ratio that is capable of supporting the powerful AES-256 encryption algorithm.

2-. It provides a solid compression that will include the headers of the files.

3-. Give a support of file names in a Unicode format.

4-. It offers the possibility of compressing files of sizes up to 16000000 TB.

This are the main disadvantages of the 7Zip program

1-. Although it is very easy to use, it can be confusing for people who do not know these programs clearly.

2-. It may run slow or stop working in the middle of the compression operation of the file you want to compress.

3-. Many times, you are not allow to register the password of the safe files so you must repeat the information again.

What is 7zip

7zip is a tool whose main function is the compression of files in Windows. This program will help us to save more space, compressing the most important files and we can save them anywhere we want as a backup.

If you have already run programs such as Winzip or WinRAR this is quite similar, but it has a particular and interesting difference, because it is completely free and you won’t need to pay for the license for this program. The license of 7zip is Open Source and can be used in its entirety completely free.

what is 7zip

If you want to learn how you can do the installation of this program, as well as configure it, you will be able to know all these details here.

How to install 7zip?

  1. To start the installation, you must download the program from its official website, you should be aware of the type of operating system you have, if it is 32-bit or 64-bit, you must select the correct link, thus avoiding any inconvenience or fail you may have.
  2. Then in the download bar you must select Save. When the document is downloaded, you must select Open Folder. Once this is done, the download folder will open automatically and with the left mouse button you will have to click on the file twice.
  3. Next, a window will open where you will be asked if you want to let the program make changes in your equipment, to continue with the installation you will have to select YES. In the next window you must press the button that says Install to start the installation.
  4. Once the installation is finished, you must press the button that indicates Finish. You must press the X in the download window to close the it, then you must do the same with the browser. Once the latter is closed you will be back on the desktop and we will have installed the 7zip program.

How to configure 7zip?

  1. To run the 7zip program you must locate and select twice the icon of the program, once the window opens you must select the option of Tools and then the Options section.
  2. Once this is done, the options window will open, if you want to change the language you should select the tab that indicates Language, you can choose the language of your preference, once this is done you must select Accept to save the changes.
  3. Now you must select the System tab. Select extensions such as 7z, gz, gzip, rar, tar, z and zip, then you must press the Apply button. To finish with the configuration of the program, you must press Accept. You will have finished the configuration and you will be able to close the window.

We have already installed and successfully configured the 7zip program. Now we want to talk a little about the most interesting functions of this program, because this is usually where it differs from the most popular programs that have the same purpose.

Interesting features about 7zip

We already know that file compressors are incredibly popular currently in the market, although Internet connections are much faster and we have hard drives with more space to fill, compressors and file decompresses are very useful to transport several files in one, it also allows us to keep it hidden with a password that we want. But, there are another features you should know:

1-. Create a file protected with a password

Many people don’t know that one of the advantages of 7zip is that you can place a password to the files and completely free. To create a compressed file with password, you will have access the path where the files to be compressed from 7zip are located. You must select the file, click it with the right mouse button and you must choose the 7zip option, add a file, you can assign the name and format and in the encryption option you can type the password you want, you can optionally encrypt the names of the files so they cannot be seen without the key.

2-. File Explorer

In point 1 you should have made it clear that 7zip also has the option to explore files, in this way you can see the content on the computer, and you can enter the folders and subfolders and in this way, find all the information about the content, such as size, the date of creation and modification, among others.

If you use this tool as a file explorer, one of the great advantages is that you will open the compressed files immediately. Also with the F9 key you will activate another panel so if two routes are opened at the same time and in this way you can copy and move the content between them.

3-. Divide and combine files

With 7z, you can share a large file and cut it, this tool will solve the problem, because it will allow you to divide and combine the files easily. You can access the folder where the file is from the program from 7zip and from to file or the context menu and select Split File. This program will allow you to choose between the predefined sizes ideal for CD or DVD.

4-. See the inside of an executable

This program will be able to open almost any compressed file and this includes the executable. Although the content is not easy to see, because most are coded and diving through the folders you can find more interesting material such as help documents, icons or images.

To access them you must enter the executable with the program, you must access the folder with the 7zip program and you will have to select Open within from File and from the contextual menu.

5-. Test the performance of your computer

In the tools section you can find the option of tests or Benchmark, this has the function to know at what speed is able to compress or decompress a file. This also indirectly gives you an accurate idea about the performance of the equipment.

6- Obtain the checksum (CRC) of a file

The checksum will give you the opportunity to know the CRC, SHA-1 and SHA-256 code of any of the files. These figures are useful if you share the files online and you want to check that they have been downloaded and there is no corrupt byte.