7zip is a tool whose main function is the compression of files in Windows. This program will help us to save more space, compressing the most important files and we can save them anywhere we want as a backup.

If you have already run programs such as Winzip or WinRAR this is quite similar, but it has a particular and interesting difference, because it is completely free and you won’t need to pay for the license for this program. The license of 7zip is Open Source and can be used in its entirety completely free.

what is 7zip

If you want to learn how you can do the installation of this program, as well as configure it, you will be able to know all these details here.

How to install 7zip?

  1. To start the installation, you must download the program from its official website, you should be aware of the type of operating system you have, if it is 32-bit or 64-bit, you must select the correct link, thus avoiding any inconvenience or fail you may have.
  2. Then in the download bar you must select Save. When the document is downloaded, you must select Open Folder. Once this is done, the download folder will open automatically and with the left mouse button you will have to click on the file twice.
  3. Next, a window will open where you will be asked if you want to let the program make changes in your equipment, to continue with the installation you will have to select YES. In the next window you must press the button that says Install to start the installation.
  4. Once the installation is finished, you must press the button that indicates Finish. You must press the X in the download window to close the it, then you must do the same with the browser. Once the latter is closed you will be back on the desktop and we will have installed the 7zip program.

How to configure 7zip?

  1. To run the 7zip program you must locate and select twice the icon of the program, once the window opens you must select the option of Tools and then the Options section.
  2. Once this is done, the options window will open, if you want to change the language you should select the tab that indicates Language, you can choose the language of your preference, once this is done you must select Accept to save the changes.
  3. Now you must select the System tab. Select extensions such as 7z, gz, gzip, rar, tar, z and zip, then you must press the Apply button. To finish with the configuration of the program, you must press Accept. You will have finished the configuration and you will be able to close the window.

We have already installed and successfully configured the 7zip program. Now we want to talk a little about the most interesting functions of this program, because this is usually where it differs from the most popular programs that have the same purpose.

Interesting features about 7zip

We already know that file compressors are incredibly popular currently in the market, although Internet connections are much faster and we have hard drives with more space to fill, compressors and file decompresses are very useful to transport several files in one, it also allows us to keep it hidden with a password that we want. But, there are another features you should know:

1-. Create a file protected with a password

Many people don’t know that one of the advantages of 7zip is that you can place a password to the files and completely free. To create a compressed file with password, you will have access the path where the files to be compressed from 7zip are located. You must select the file, click it with the right mouse button and you must choose the 7zip option, add a file, you can assign the name and format and in the encryption option you can type the password you want, you can optionally encrypt the names of the files so they cannot be seen without the key.

2-. File Explorer

In point 1 you should have made it clear that 7zip also has the option to explore files, in this way you can see the content on the computer, and you can enter the folders and subfolders and in this way, find all the information about the content, such as size, the date of creation and modification, among others.

If you use this tool as a file explorer, one of the great advantages is that you will open the compressed files immediately. Also with the F9 key you will activate another panel so if two routes are opened at the same time and in this way you can copy and move the content between them.

3-. Divide and combine files

With 7z, you can share a large file and cut it, this tool will solve the problem, because it will allow you to divide and combine the files easily. You can access the folder where the file is from the program from 7zip and from to file or the context menu and select Split File. This program will allow you to choose between the predefined sizes ideal for CD or DVD.

4-. See the inside of an executable

This program will be able to open almost any compressed file and this includes the executable. Although the content is not easy to see, because most are coded and diving through the folders you can find more interesting material such as help documents, icons or images.

To access them you must enter the executable with the program, you must access the folder with the 7zip program and you will have to select Open within from File and from the contextual menu.

5-. Test the performance of your computer

In the tools section you can find the option of tests or Benchmark, this has the function to know at what speed is able to compress or decompress a file. This also indirectly gives you an accurate idea about the performance of the equipment.

6- Obtain the checksum (CRC) of a file

The checksum will give you the opportunity to know the CRC, SHA-1 and SHA-256 code of any of the files. These figures are useful if you share the files online and you want to check that they have been downloaded and there is no corrupt byte.